Tuesday, July 21, 2015

LinkedIn for Small Business: What happened to the Group Statistics?

In social media, change is the ONLY constant. That is so true for LinkedIn. Not too long ago, I posted an article about how LinkedIn members can use Group Statistics to determine if a group is worthy of joining. Alas, Group Statistics are not available on LinkedIn now. At first I thought it was me, my internet access, or my browser. After doing a little research, I came across this forum thread discussing the loss of the Group Statistics feature. UGH! Another useful feature removed.

Bloggers, LinkedIn Members, Small Business Owners: How do you feel about this new change on LinkedIn? Frankly, I found Group Statistics to be very useful because it gives some idea as to the level of engagement within the group.

In Social Media, Change is the ONLY Constant

What can we do? Click the feedback link on the right side of your LinkedIn homepage. Maybe if enough of users express the same concern, we'll get the feature back. In the meantime, I have to go back to my other post and make a note that the information is obsolete


Image courtesy of mrpuen at FreeDigitalPhotos.net